Hanji, Traditional Korean Paper from Jeonju South Korea

Traditional Hanji Paper from Jeonju South Korea

The traditional Korean paper "hanji," which originated in Jeonju city, will advance to China, where paper was invented, following its debut in the US.A forum on the indigenous product reported that a Jeonju Hanji Festival will open in Shanghai for three days from Oct. 19, jointly hosted with the Korean Cultural Center in the Chinese city.The festival will demonstrate the characteristics and use of Jeonju hanji and also hold academic seminars, hanji craft exhibits, and experience programs as well as set up sales booths.Hands-on events covering events such as calligraphy and hanji fashion shows are scheduled expressly for Chinese visitors.Earlier, Jeonju city officials also agreed to decorate the reception room of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in Manhattan and the main hall of the South Korean representative office at the UN. The project is underway.Meanwhile, the Korea Tourism Organization will give out 10,000 taeguk fans made of hanji to audience members at the Mets ballpark, where the New York state's Korean Day event will take place Friday preceding a baseball game. The event will include the promotion of Korean food, an exhibition of the martial art taekwondo, a fan dance and other performances.The Korean 'taeguk' symbol and 'MADE IN JEONJU KOREA' are printed on the hanji fan in gold lettering