Jeonju is jam packed with restaurants catering for all tastes and budgets. A healthy lunch of the local speciality bibimbap can be bought at any of the thousands of inexpensive kim-bap shops for around W3000 (£1.50 / $3)

Chaesik. (A) Vegetarian buffet run by followers of Sant Thakur Singh. Only 8,000 wŏn for a lunch of incredible variety, plenty of vegie “meats” and lots else. Dinner is a bit more. It’s in a hard-to-reach location just beyond the edge of town – take a taxi there.

Chungmuoo Kimbab, directly across the basketball stadium near the old gate of Jeonbuk University. Cheap, lots of selection, delicious, and lots of great side dishes.

Darakbang : A famous Gamjatang restaurant near the Deokjindong bus station. For 6,000 won you get a large serving of Gamjatang (pork-bone-soup) and lots of side dishes. Casual decor and private seating available. In front of Oh-Lay-Oh-Lay bar and next to Jukebox and Tu-Pac nightclubs.

Han Sung Dolsot Bap: 6,000 wŏn for dolsot bap - that’s all they serve there. But it was quite a tasty meal. This neighborhood also features the Plus-Minus discount department store, and a Potato Avenue sweet potato stand. This is “Youth Street,” the hip district, at least as hip as they get in Cholla-bukdo،¦..

Mushim. Serves vegetarian food (sanchae jangshik) but the meal is a set course served for four people at a total of 60,000 wŏn. I didn’t eat there ‘cause there’s not four of me, but the food folks were eating looked very good. Tel (063) 278-6509. Fax: (063) 272-9309. For you quartets, it’s a block west of the Express bus terminal

Nambu shijang restaurant stalls specialty here is Pi sundae, a sausage made primarily from coagulated blood but without the usual yam noodles.

Pamun. A restaurant with hanjeonshik for 10,000 wŏn – includes rice, beansprout soup, twentjang cchigae, BBQ port, plain boiled port, a fish, acorn jelly, tofu, various greens, various kimchi, pancakes, squash, sprouts; the grain tea was outstanding. It’s in a traditional Korean house in the old town district down a little alley.

Outback Steakhouse (아웃백 스테이크하우스) is a popular Western restaurant franchise with locations throughout Korea. A good place if your craving steak and cheese but extremely expensive when compared to other restaurants around, without the service to match. Located underneath pizza hut in Geaksa area

Sŏdo Buffet. In the Seodo Plaza on the restaurant floor. An inexpensive buffet with uneven quality. But select carefully and you’ll find tasty things to eat. (063) 222-6452; (063) 243-0931. Closed Mondays as is the whole department store.

Bitol Classium
Allessandro is a bonefide Italian chef who makes the best steak in Jeonju. Check it out in SeoshinDong by the other Family Mart (farther from Bone Hospital.) It's worth the price. Best suited for a formal date or event, or payday.

Ga Jok Hwe Gwan

Ga Jok Hwe Gwan is a trademark Jeonju Restaurant. It's on the tourist maps and officially endorsed by the city. It is above the dollar store on wedding street, just a block east of Deepin. Every taxi driver knows it.

Gran Piatto
Several locations in town, and one near the base of Moak-san. It's pretty much on top of the McDonald's there. In the building to the right of McD's, the entrance is about 20m down that little street, elevator to 5th floor. Very nice view.

Vietnamese Pho Restaurant. Downtown near the newly opened Dunkin Donuts. The owner is really nice and speaks excellent english. The prices are very reasonable and the service is good. Closes at 10pm (Tel : 232-2050)

A new vietnamese restaurant in Seosin-dong, nearby Lotte department store. We serve any food without meat for vegetarian.Come and enjoy our fresh food.Tel:273-2050

La Festa
Delicious pasta served in an elegant, smoke-free environment. They play English background music, offer good wines, and are CLEAN. The reasonable prices and friendly, attentive service seal the deal. It's nice for a date or mellow group of friends.
It's between Paul Church (or Gaeksa), and the Zaim apartments (or Samchon Library). On the bend on a hill, across from an S-Oil station.

Lee's Family Restaurant
Featuring a blend of traditional and modern decor, using Jeonju's traditional paper, this restaurant serves excellent food over a river view. It's right behind Lotte Dept Store.